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“...we consider CareersUSA to be one of our favorites...”

"[Our College] has been associated with CareersUSA for over 20 years. We are a [College] with many career opportunities and we have the need for various types of both temporary and permanent staff. The individuals that CareersUSA have sent us have been efficient, responsible, and informative in whatever skills they possessed. Although we are associated with other agencies, we consider CareersUSA to be one of our favorites because of the clientele they provide."

Maxine T. - College Administrator, Philadelphia, PA.

“They have always been quick, providing the best possible talent...”

“CareersUSA has always been very responsive when the need for extra help presents itself. They have always been quick, providing the best possible talent, often times with very little notice.”

Brian C. - Telecommunications, Cherry Hill, NJ.

“CareersUSA was very responsive to our needs.”

"CareersUSA was very responsive to our needs. We were presented with several options for how to select the temporary person we needed from reviewing resumes and conducting our own interviews, to have a candidate selected for us. We ended up initially interviewing three people. When our selected candidate had family issues and was not able to accept, [CareersUSA] immediately sent over a new resume of someone [they] thought would be a good fit. The person had the right experience so we decided to have her work with us for the day and see if it was a good fit. She was a great match for what we needed. She had an excellent work ethic and was able to get up to speed quickly. She was also easy to work with which my staff really appreciated. I appreciate the speed and quality of the services I received at a time when I greatly needed a capable person filling in while I had a staff member out on long term leave."

Deborah B. - University Administrator, Newark, DE.

“...CareersUSA has been nothing but fantastic.”

“My experience with CareersUSA has been nothing but fantastic. They provide [our business] with quality help and all questions and requests are handled with speed and accuracy. I would greatly recommend CareersUSA to any company looking for a top notch temp help vendor.”

David M. - Distribution, West Palm Beach, FL.

“I would like to say thank you to CareersUSA...”

“I wanted to relay that working with CareersUSA over the past year has been a pleasure. The CareersUSA team always take the time to check in and assist with our operational needs, as well as follow up and continue to check on the progress of the employee they staff with us. We have also had the good fortune to bring on a few of the CareersUSA temps as full time employees. I would like to say thank you to CareersUSA for their assistance in our day to day efforts.”

Jim R. - Telecommunications, Cherry Hill, NJ.

“I highly recommend CareersUSA...”

“I highly recommend CareersUSA for your employment needs. We have been using their services at our warehouse location for a number of years and have been extremely satisfied. The staff is always very friendly and ready to serve. Their communication, organization, and reliability is without reproach. Additionally they have been able to make changes on the fly and have kept us in the loop on their processes. We consider our relationship with CareersUSA to be a tremendous asset and give them our highest recommendation. I would be happy to provide further information if required.”

Stewart C. – Manufacturing, Orlando, FL.

“...keep up the good work.”

“Your staff has been a compliment to the service and experience we strive to provide our guests. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

Robert F. – Events Management, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

“Coordinators were great.”

“We have heavily utilized and depended on the CareersUSA this 2014-15 season. Coordinators were great. They had a sense of urgency and they were very accommodating with last minute needs. Also, most of the staff were quite reliable and any issues were handled fast and professionally. I plan to utilize CareersUSA this season as well.”

Riza M. – Resort Management, Jupiter, FL.

“We would highly recommend them.”

“In our rapidly growing environment we find that CareersUSA has offered excellent service and reliable temporary staffing. We would highly recommend them.”

Rhonda K. - HR Management, Jupiter, FL.

“I have been very happy with the service provided...”

“CareersUSA has been able to staff [our] high volume projects with very short notice with stringent screening and testing requirements including background and drug checks. I have been very happy with the service provided by CareersUSA and their staff members and intend to use them for my up and coming seasonal high volume projects.”

Alan M. – Customer Service, Miami Lakes, FL.

“Our work with CareersUSA has been a pleasant one.”

“Our work with CareersUSA has been a pleasant one. When looking for office help, they provide me with candidates who demonstrate the requirements I am looking for. CareersUSA also schedules quick interviews that I perform on my schedule.”

Cindy - HR Management, Newark, DE.

“CareersUSA has stepped up their game...”

“CareersUSA has stepped up their game in the past year and is now one of our top go to staffing agencies. They work with you to identify how best they can assist with your staffing needs and then follow-up on their deliverables. We are a company where our staffing needs fluctuate throughout the year due to the cyclical nature of our industry so it is important our staffing agency have candidates during our peak times. CareersUSA has been able to do this and do it well.”

Jennifer G. – Human Resources, Boca Raton, FL.

“Thank you for providing such excellent workers.”

“I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation of the CareersUSA workers who I had the pleasure of having assist me with one of our resent projects. Not only were they able to complete the project ahead of schedule, they did it with the utmost professionalism. From the day the projected started, until the day it was completed, these workers put forth 150% effort and it was a pleasure working alongside each and every one of them. Coming together was the beginning, staying together was progress, and working together was a success. Thank you for providing such excellent workers.”

Freddy T. – Parts Distribution, Deerfield Beach, FL.

“...highly recommend their services...”

“We enjoy our business relationship with CareersUSA and highly recommend their services to any company requiring staffing services.”

Elba C. – HR Operations, Miami, FL.

“ can’t go wrong in selecting them to provide staff.”

“The service that CareersUSA provides is top notch and by the best I have ever received. They are available at all times before, during and after the event to ensure that things are going smoothly. Post event is a breeze with their on-line timecard approval system. I really enjoy working with CareersUSA and you can’t go wrong in selecting them to provide staff.”

Saleem H. – Events Management, Daytona Beach, FL.