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Temporary Personnel

Whether you need to control workforce costs, staff for a project or hire a large workforce for peak demand, CareersUSA staffing services will help you. We provide the qualified personnel that you need on a temporary basis, for four hours, a day, a week, or indefinitely.

Working with CareersUSA temporary personnel reduces your administrative overhead, limits exposure to potential liability and lessens the demands placed on a busy HR department.

We cover the burden of payroll taxes, including federal, state and local taxes, unemployment taxes and other insurance liabilities such as workers compensation insurance, benefits, timecards, scheduling, etc. for temporary employees. If a company is not satisfied with a temporary employee, we have replacement candidates readily available. We administer coaching, counseling, and the hiring and termination of our temporary employees.

Companies use temporary employees for unexpected increases in business, to fill a temporary vacancy, to fill in for an absent regular employee, special projects, seasonal needs, assisting in peak times, to save on wage and benefits costs, and to gain special expertise.

We understand that every company has its own set of requirements when it comes to employment. We work closely with you to determine the best employees to meet and exceed your expectations while adhering to your company's specifications.

Increase Flexibility

The average company's labor costs represent more than 70% of the operational budget. As staffing needs shift up or down, holding associates on the bench is simply not possible. Companies can use temporary staffing to accomodate these swings in workforce by scaling in and out of projects more freely than if the staff were employed directly by the company.

Avoid Hiring Mistakes

By focusing on candidate quality and job fit, a staffing company, particularly one with industry expertise, can drive reduced attrition rates and mitigate the risk of hiring mistakes.

Reduce Costs

CareersUSA can reduce your cost per hire by up to 25%.

Limit Expenses and Exposure

As temporary employees are on the payroll of CareersUSA, we assume responsibility as the legal employer, making all deductions required of employers, by state, federal and local laws. Equally important, using CareersUSA means that unemployment claims are no longer your responsibility, as well as Workers' Compensation claims. Hidden costs such as payroll processing and other costs are the responsibility of CareersUSA. In a relatively high turnover environment, these costs can be significant.

Shift the HR Burden

Generating candidate interest, conducting the initial screenings, scheduling interviews, checking references, verifying education, and handling the offer process, as well as conducting drug and background checks, all require a significant investment of time and expense. Outsourcing or augmenting internal recruiting efforts can shift this cost while adding scale and flexibility.

Temporary Personnel

Consider flexible staff during peak productivity periods, seasonal periods or special projects.

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Companies save time and money that would otherwise be spent advertising, interviewing, hiring and even firing.

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Direct Hire

Through our extensive recruiting efforts, we find candidates for those hard to fill positions.

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Managed Service Provider

Our MSP solution, enables clients to efficiently source, fulfill, measure and manage contract labor nationwide.

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