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Employer Benefits

Quality Talent

Quality NOT Quantity

Job applicants are abundant, but finding the right employee with the correct skills for your particular position can make your HR department feel like they are looking for a needle in a haystack. We have advanced screening and testing techniques to evaluate all individuals for the skills and specifications you require. Using our techniques we can:

Shorten your time to hire

Our robust database and extensive recruiting networks help us dramatically reduce the time it would take to find your perfect employee. We believe that good people know good people and therefore a large number of our recruits come to us through both our clients and candidates. Along with referrals, we additionally seek qualified individuals by means of print advertising, job boards and web-based recruiting sites.

Save valuable time

Digging through loads of resumes, screening, testing and verification, takes up time and energy along with distracting employees from their focus on the tasks at hand. With our lengthy history we will keep you focused on your most important assignments, while we deliver the ideal candidate qualified for your positions.

Access to highly skilled workers

If you are taking on a new project, CareersUSA can deliver experienced employees with the proper skills on a contract or full time basis. Use our employees to test a new concept, teach core employees, or even finalize projects without taking on the burden of another core employee.