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Hiring a temporary staffing associate is a great way to try out a potential new employee before extending them an offer of employment. It’s also a great way to implement a new position before creating a new role. During a probationary period, the temporary employee’s performance can be evaluated and a decision can be made on whether he or she should continue as a staffing associate, be hired full-time, be replaced or terminated.


Extended Interview Period

Temp-to-hire allows you to 'try before you buy'. To work with the candidate over a period of time before you make the decision to hire them. Does the worker fit with the rest of the team and the environment? Do they have a good work ethic? Are they reliable? Can they work under pressure?

Engage Workers Quickly and Easily

Temp-to-hire candidates can be engaged quickly and easily through CareersUSA. We assume all statutory employer responsibilities such as background screening, on-boarding and payroll processing during the workers assignment – enabling you to focus on your core business needs.

No Obligation to Hire

If a company finds that the candidate is not a good fit, they can disengage with the candidate at any time without having the obligation to hire them.

Evaluate Long-Term Hiring Need

Whether a company is hiring to address recent growth or a newly created position, temp-to-hire provides the time to ensure that the position is needed before adding to the internal headcount.

Free to End Assignment at any Time

If a temp-to-hire worker isn't a good fit, the assignment can be ended at any time. CareersUSA will handle the discontinuance with the candidate directly.

Cost Reduction

Companies that use temp-to-hire workers do not incur benefit costs, holiday and vacation time costs, absenteeism costs or direct payroll costs including, unemployment and Workers' Compensation, during the temp-to-hire period.

Alternative to High Recruiting Costs

Temp-to-Hire arrangements can offer significant cost savings versus hiring a permanent employee through traditional means.

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