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Using CareersUSA can help you realize cost savings on recruitment and payroll. We manage the entire employment process, including advertising, testing, background checks and drug screening. We can save you time and money on labor costs by utilizing our proprietary time and attendance solution, PerfectTIME, which features biometric technology that records time to the second, in real time.


Employers that seek our services have the opportunity to experience first hand employee performance, skills and work habits before taking the candidate onto their payroll. This reduces turnover by ensuring that the employer and employee are satisfied that the job is a good fit. Huge cost savings can be realized when using CareersUSA for high-volume placements, savings related to intangible costs, such as employee morale, turnover and training costs.


CareersUSA has extensive expertise related to job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices gained over 36 years in the industry. We are well versed in gathering the vital and important details relating to the position, culture, environment, skills and personality required for a successful and relevant placement. We provide services that rival unqualified recruiters and employment specialists at a lower cost.

Volume Hiring Through Network

CareersUSA has a large nationwide network of qualified, available workers, screened and tested, ready to go to work. The time and effort involved in employers hiring temporary workers is not cost effective. Employers would need to advertise the job, sift through resumes, interview candidates and process the paperwork for the new hire, even for short term assignments. CareersUSA, has long standing relationships with workers that are dependable, reliable and conscientious, and will fill a vacancy in a matter of hours if needed. With one call your staffing needs can be fulfilled in mutilple locations nationwide.