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Employer Benefits

Control Turnover

Reduce Your Turnover

High turnover can be a barrier to productivity, quality, and profitability in all businesses. When an employee leaves, there are multiple costs such as exit interviews, payroll changes, vacancy until the position is filled, advertising to fill the position, reviewing applications, screening and testing candidates, conducting interviews, orientation and training, to name a few.

A mountain of resumes

With today's high unemployment, each job posting is bringing in a mountain of resumes; How do you find the perfect candidate for your job? We can streamline the process for you by providing excellent candidates for your temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire positions, resulting in savings across the board.

Right job, wrong person

The average cost to replace an employee is 1.5 times that person's salary, not to mention the time spent acquiring and training that person. CareersUSA's hiring solutions let you test an associate's skills and understanding before you making your hiring decision. We can evaluate your particular requirements and provide the highest return on your staffing investment.

Cost of full time staff

CareersUSA's staffing experience lets you adjust your personnel size to fit your needs, while helping your base employees. Our workers are selected to support your employees and boosts morale. The increased productivity and savings realized by utilizing temporary employees can be significant.