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Employer Benefits

Control Costs

Reduce Hiring Expenses

Labor is the largest cost that a company will have to endure. Many of the businesses today don't have the budget or resources to advertise, recruit, interview, test and even train new personnel. After a company has promoted an open position there are numerous applications, phone calls and burdens that your HR department can't foresee. Even after sifting through the applicants, which can take weeks or even months, there is still the risk that your new hire will not work out. The cost associated with these mistakes is astronomical.

High quality at a reasonable cost

For many businesses, acquiring a staffing service helps control risk, unforeseen costs and saves time and money. Since the employees work for CareersUSA, we are responsible for state and federal taxes, unemployment and workers' compensation claims. Employers can regulate the need of their temporary staff and control the cost.

Reduce or eliminate overtime

Using temporary workers can reduce the amount of overtime worked by your permanent staff. Utilizing contingent labor to eliminate staff overtime can be a monetary and productivity boost.