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Interview Preparedness

  • It's no secret that job interviews can be very stressful for people. But with a little preparation and knowledge on what to expect, interviews can become much easier, so much so that you may even look forward to them.

  • Prepare a brief information statement. Interviewers usually begin an interview with the question, "Tell me about yourself and your background?" Be ready with a statement that includes some information on the types of companies and industries you have worked for, your experience, strengths and skills. Practice saying this statement with a friend until it feels natural.

  • Be ready to talk about your successes. The interviewer will want to know about your past experience - successes, your work ethic, and your track record. Be able to discuss everything you have included on your resume.

  • Be courteous. Everyone you meet during your interview - from the receptionist to the interviewer - should be treated with respect. The receptionist might not be conducting the interview, but his or her opinion of you might be solicited.

  • Ask questions. At the end of an interview, the interviewer usually asks, "Do you have any questions?" Be prepared with a question or two about the job or industry. This is your chance to see if the job is right for you.
  • Ask questions to show your enthusiasm and knowledge about the company.

Here are some good questions to consider asking:

  • Why is the job open? Is this a new position or an existing one?
  • Are there growth opportunities with this job?
  • Is there a written job description?
  • Does the company offer training?
  • What happened to the last person who had the job?